Edmonton AB

This postcard has two pictorial postmarks from the Albertan Capital of Edmonton. The first postmark features Edmonton City Hall with the phrase Alberta's Capital City. The date stamp on this cancel doesn't work anymore.

The second postmark is the Chinatown Gates postmark, it was introduced for the Chinatown Gate Stamps that were released last year, Edmonton was one of the cities featured on the stamp. There are two Chinese guardian lions at the top of the postmark in very fine detail and the word door written in Chinese at the bottom. The postmark is dated August 29, 2014.

These two cancels are available at the Main Post Office in Edmonton:
11808-104 AVE NW


  1. Hi there! I am a fellow Canadian who collects pictorial cancels. I was wondering if you knew if the Chinatown cancel is still available, as I am unable to find info about it. Same with the Princess of Ireland cancel from Quebec. I wonder where people get all this great information about cancels not published on Canada Post website?

  2. Hey, so sorry for the slow reply. The Chinatown Gate cancels are still available at the main post offices of Edmonton, Victoria, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Mississauga and Ottawa. I know for sure they are still available in Edmonton and Victoria.

    I sent a cover to get cancelled of the Empress of Ireland back in March 2015 and it was available. I wrote a post about it and included the mailing address. It also looks like that you can still buy the Empress of Ireland stamp on Canada Post's Website.

    This is Canada Post's list of available references (its terribly out of date though)

    Check out Stamp Raider's Blog for more info!

    1. almost forgot, check Canada Post's Facebook and Instagram page, they'll post on the latest cancels from time to time